Iodine – Are you getting enough?


Kombu, or dried kelp, is often consumed in Japan. Kelp is known for being high in the nutrient iodine. Photo credit: kattebelletje via photopin cc

Initially used as a treatment for goiter, more and more studies are revealing a link between this essential nutrient and the prevention of cancers and other diseases. Continue reading

Beyond the label – Hidden poison in nuts?


Those nuts in your pantry are harboring a dark secret - Photo credit: elana’s pantry via photopin cc


Are the “raw” almonds you purchase at the health food store really raw? Not legally, if you live in the USA, thanks to a mandatory law passed by the USDA in 2007.

In fact, not only are they not raw, they may potentially be treated with a dangerous chemical known as Propylene Oxide. The worst part? This chemical won’t show up on the ingredient list, since it is used in the processing or “pasteurization” and is not considered an actual ingredient. Continue reading

Pear-Apple Crisp with Pecan and Oat Topping

There’s nothing like a warm fruit crisp to brighten up your evening- especially if you top it off with some melty vanilla ice cream.  This recipe is made up of a blend of tart apples and sweet pears, and topped with a crunchy-chewy layer of toasted oats and pecans, and sweetened with Yacon syrup, a natural sweetener and weight loss aid (or you could just use honey- but where’s the fun in that?!) Continue reading

Multi-grain Pancakes with Caramelized Bananas and Pecans

The only thing better than these light, fluffy, whole-grain pancakes is the rich, caramelized banana and pecan sauce that gets drizzled on top! These from-scratch pancakes are every bit as easy to whip up as a boxed mix, and taste WAY better- and because they contain whole grains, they’re good for your health too! Continue reading

Yacon Syrup Review

I’ve always had a sweet tooth- and while I’ve tried to clean up my diet, I’m sure I still eat more refined sugar than I should. I just can’t help it! But recently, thanks to the folks at Quality Encapsulations, I’ve discovered a natural sweetener that is actually good for you! It’s called Yacon Syrup. Continue reading

The Ultimate Black Forest Cake Recipe

Moist, decadent chocolate cake is livened up with tart red cherries and whipped cream in this classic cake recipe.

This is hands down my favorite cake! I have never been a huge fan of traditional cake frosting, since it tends to be too heavy and sweet for my taste. The whipped cream on this cake is airy and light, with just the right amount of sweetness, and while you can’t exactly pass off cake as being healthy, this reduced-sugar recipe will at least be gentler on your waistline without sacrificing flavor.

Life is short. Make time for cake.  Tweet: Life is short. Make time for cake. via @VegetarianMade Continue reading

Dei Fratelli Review plus a GIVEAWAY!

The wonderful people at Dei Fratelli sent me an awesome goodie package – full of tons of great tomato products just begging to be turned into delicious vegetarian dishes!  Continue reading

Fast & Easy Vegan Sloppy Joes

This is a really great recipe to whip up in a pinch, taking only about 15 minutes from start to finish, and is much lower in fat and calories than it’s meat-based cousin. Who doesn’t love sloppy joes?

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Three Cheese Stuffed Shells

These are by far the best stuffed shells I have ever had. Only lightly coated with tomato sauce, each shell is filled with a three-cheese mixture of ricotta, mozzarella, and parmesan, along with some parsley and just a hint of freshly cracked black pepper, before being topped off by a  layer of shredded mozzarella that melts to perfection in the oven!

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Heirloom (Seed Savers, #3) by S. Smith

Originally posted on EpicBookQuest.Com:

In a grim future where food comes in packets and gardening is illegal . . .

Brother and sister, Clare and Dante, have escaped to Canada and are sent to live with the Woods, a wonderful couple who run an apple orchard. There they attend classes taught by the Garden Guardians, learning how to plant and cultivate real food.

They are also taught the history behind the laws that led to the modern type of “food”- unappetizing packets with names like “carbos” and “protein”. They learn about Nipungyo, a multi-national ag-biotech corporation which gained power through the development of pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). As the corporation grew in strength, it began prosecuting farmers and infiltrating the government, becoming inextricably linked with GRIM -the government agency that enforces anti-gardening laws.

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