10 Surprisingly Non-Vegetarian Foods


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Most vegetarians and vegans are pretty conscious of what they put in their bodies, checking labels religiously to be sure of what exactly they are eating. If this describes you, then perhaps these foods won’t be so surprising. But what about people who are new to the vegetarian / vegan lifestyle? I know when I made the change, I had no idea how much animal products were used in the everyday foods that I ate. That’s why I came up with this quick list to help guide people through some perhaps lesser-known sources of animal products- and bear in mind that this list is just a sampling. When in doubt, read the label! Continue reading


Cabbage and Noodles

             This humble yet delicious dish was a staple growing up in my home- passed down through my mom’s Hungarian side of the family. It’s comprised of nothing more than buttery stir-fried cabbage tossed with pasta- a quick and easy comfort food that was included in every holiday dinner at my grandfather’s house. Yes, its cabbage. Yes, its noodles. Not very fancy. But hey, sometimes you just want something simple that tastes good, and that’s exactly what this dish is! Continue reading

5 Natural Food Sources of B12 For Vegetarians

photo credit: nickwheeleroz via photopin cc

photo credit: nickwheeleroz via photopin cc

One of the most common questions I get about being a vegetarian is, “how do you get enough vitamin B12?”.

B12 is vital to maintaining health. Among the many things it does for your body are:

  • Protect Against Heart Disease 
  • Protect and Repair DNA to Reduce Cancer Risk and Slow Aging
  • Protect Against Dementia and Cognitive Decline
  • Provide Alzheimer’s Protection
  • Sustains Energy and Endurance

B12 is the only vitamin that contains a trace element (cobalt), which is why it’s called cobalamin. Cobalamin is produced in the gut of animals. It’s the only vitamin we can’t obtain from plants or sunlight. Plants don’t need B12 so they don’t store it. B12 is found exclusively in animal foods, such as liver, clams, oysters, mussels, fish eggs, octopus, fish, crab and lobster, beef, lamb, cheese and eggs. Continue reading

Mushroom Fajitas with Jalapeño Cheese Sauce

I’ve been on a Mexican food kick lately, and these babies really hit the spot! Spicy mushroom ‘meat’ wrapped in warm, soft tortillas, covered in cheese sauce and salsa- these fajitas are deceptively simple to make and incredibly delicious! Continue reading

A Healthier Alternative To Canned Beans


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I love beans. As a vegetarian, I often use beans as a meat substitute. I enjoy cooking with them because they’re both healthy and filling. What I don’t love is the can that beans come in- typically lined with a dangerous coating of BisphenolA or BPA- a toxic, hormone-like chemical used, among other things, to line the insides of food cans. While some companies no longer use BPA in their cans, the majority still do. And since trying to find BPA-free cans of frijoles is an all-but-impossible (or else expensive) task, I knew there had to be a better way. The solution? Frozen beans- I’ve yet to find them in the freezer aisle of the grocery store, but cooking and freezing dried beans at home is pretty simple and straight-forward to do. I like to whip up a few batches of different kinds of beans and freeze them in “15oz can” sizes, to accommodate most recipes, pulling them out of the freezer a day or two before I need them to allow them to thaw. Here’s what to do: Continue reading

Raspberry Walnut Brownies


Who doesn’t love brownies? In this take on the classic chocolate treat, we added rasperries for a bright, tart pop to cut through the richness of the butter. But these fudgey beauties hold a dark secret- they only have half the sugar of a traditional brownie recipe! Why, you might ask? Too much sugar overpowers the senses and dulls our ability to taste subtle flavors in our foods, so the more you cut back, the more flavors you will experience. Especially when it comes to chocolate! Continue reading

BBQ Pulled Port(obello) Sandwich

Grab the napkins- you’ll need them for this summery deliciousness!

             Sweet, smokey, tangy, spicey- this recipe came about from the agonizing despair of my first meatless summer smelling barbequed chicken and pulled pork as I sadly sat by and ate my salads. No more! This messy sandwich is dripping with BBQ sauce and packs just enough kick to make your lips burn. I’ve won several meat-eating friends over with this sammy. The secret? Portobello mushrooms, which are high in the fifth taste, the savory “umami”- Continue reading

Vegetable Fried Rice

This delicious fried rice is simple and easy to make. The vegetables listed are just suggestions, so don’t be afraid to mix it up with different kinds to suit your tastes. Other vegetables that work well are corn, peas, green onions, mushrooms, and zucchini. Sprouts are more traditional, however in a pinch I like to use shredded cabbage cooked to just crisp-tender, since the crunch is similar. Continue reading