Favorite Thanksgiving Leftovers Ideas

My mom’s amazing stuffing (with the much-needed box of Peter Vella in behind)

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving full of fun, family, and good food! I want to apologise to my readers for dropping the ball on the biggest food holiday of the year- I had been planning on sharing photos and recipes from yesterday but lost all sense of reality when my glass stovetop shattered in the middle of cooking our Thanksgiving dinner. (I wholeheartedly don’t recommend GE by the way… *superangryface*). Yet, despite it all, I had a fantastic time with my family sharing laughs and stories, and a hot meal. Isn’t that what it’s all about, anyway?

Well, as I begin my hunt for a new range, I figure it’s time to get back on the proverbial horse and move on. And, like the many millions of Americans today, I find myself with a fridge full of Thanksgiving leftovers just bursting with potential (unless of course you’re one of those strange people who don’t like leftovers and throw them all away). Here are some of my favorite ideas for repurposing those leftovers into wonderful new dishes!

Apple Crisp with Cranberry Sauce

This recipe is delicious, not to mention a really creative way to use up that leftover cranberry sauce.


Tender Potato Biscuits

Who doesn’t love biscuits? This recipe is awesome- biscuits come out super light and fluffy!


Stuffing Hash with Fried Eggs

Not sure if anyone else is doing this, but I’ve been doing it for years, and it’s delicious!! Just pan-fry some leftover stuffing until the outside gets crunchy and golden-brown (I like to season mine with some paprika and cayenne), then serve it with some runny fried eggs.

Customizable Bread Bowl Breakfast

Here’s a great recipe from perfectingthepairing.com – scoop out the insides of some hard rolls and fill them up with some fixin’ leftovers, eggs, and herbs. Yum!


Sweet Potato Pancakes

Great idea for any leftover sweet potatoes!


Of course, there are many, many more delicious recipes out there for leftovers, including pot pie (which I will be posting a recipe for soon- be on the lookout!). Don’t be afraid to experiment and be creative! The best part of cooking is when you get to let your imagination, and your tastebuds, run wild!

If you have any ideas for Thanksgiving leftovers, I’d love to hear them! Just leave a comment below 🙂


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