Why you should ALWAYS read labels

Today I was feeling a little hungry, so I decided to pour myself a small bowl of healthy cereal. . .


While I was happily munching away, I did something that I always do absentmindedly, I read the box. More specifically, the ingredient list. . . 


I remembered thinking, hmm. Trisodium phosphate. Where have I heard that before? And then it hit me…

In the past, I’ve done some renovating / flipping houses with my family. Quite often, we used Trisodium Phosphate as a commercial-grade detergent. This stuff eats through tobacco grease like nobody’s business. It’s also great for removing wallpaper – just don’t use it in the bathroom because it will eat through porcelain.

I found the box I have in storage and pulled it out to be sure I wasn’t mistaken. . . 


The box is a little banged up, but the print is still legible.

Just in case you didn’t catch that little warning at the bottom. . .


Check out the warnings on the back:


An abrasive synthetic chemical that causes burns.

But I guess its good for you. . . ?

2014-01-15 20.44.01

So I ask myself, WTF?! I just ate poison. . .

Be safe out there, guys – and ALWAYS read your food labels!


What do you think?

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