Super Easy Basic Granola

For the sake of convenience (and a little curiosity), I bought a popular brand of organic granola the other day and was very disappointed to find that it tasted like glue (you know the flavor I mean, where you have to double check to make sure you didn’t accidentally eat pieces of the box instead of the cereal?). The really frustrating part is knowing how simple it is to make your own granola from scratch, and still some of these companies can’t seem to get it right- even at five times the cost. *SIGH*.

Here’s a fantastic recipe I’ve been using for years to make my own granola. It’s nothing fancy, just think of it as a blank canvas that you can jazz up any way you want. I’ve never really experimented too much with the flavors, but the possibilities are endless. Sweeteners can be interchanged, such as honey, molasses, maple syrup, etc. for different flavors, and you can include as many (or as  few) added ingredients as you’d like. I still really prefer pecans, but (organic) sliced almonds work well too. Add any kind of dried fruit and/or seeds you want, and you’ve got yourself a healthy, delicious, and all-natural breakfast or snack any time- all at a fraction of the price of the boxed stuff (and I guarantee it tastes better, too!). Continue reading


Multi-grain Pancakes with Caramelized Bananas and Pecans

The only thing better than these light, fluffy, whole-grain pancakes is the rich, caramelized banana and pecan sauce that gets drizzled on top! These from-scratch pancakes are every bit as easy to whip up as a boxed mix, and taste WAY better- and because they contain whole grains, they’re good for your health too! Continue reading

“Mom’s Best Waffles” with Strawberries and Whipped Cream

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I know I’ve been doing a lot of sentimental recipes lately -blame it on the holidays- but this is the time of year I crave traditional family dishes. I can’t help it, I’ve been blessed with a multi-generational family of amazing cooks, and let me tell you, my mom makes some pretty mean recipes -not the least of which are her waffles. Continue reading

Cranberry Chocolate-Chip Oatmeal

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A twist on traditional oatmeal, this recipe calls for tart fresh cranberries and semi-sweet chocolate chips. If you like chocolate-cherry combinations, you will love this recipe, as the flavors are very similar. Continue reading