Three Cheese Stuffed Shells

These are by far the best stuffed shells I have ever had. Only lightly coated with tomato sauce, each shell is filled with a three-cheese mixture of ricotta, mozzarella, and parmesan, along with some parsley and just a hint of freshly cracked black pepper, before being topped off by a  layer of shredded mozzarella that melts to perfection in the oven!

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Cabbage and Noodles

             This humble yet delicious dish was a staple growing up in my home- passed down through my mom’s Hungarian side of the family. It’s comprised of nothing more than buttery stir-fried cabbage tossed with pasta- a quick and easy comfort food that was included in every holiday dinner at my grandfather’s house. Yes, its cabbage. Yes, its noodles. Not very fancy. But hey, sometimes you just want something simple that tastes good, and that’s exactly what this dish is! Continue reading