Mocha Brownie Pudding Cake

Welcome to chocolate heaven! As the name suggests, this incredible dessert is like the love child between rich, fudgy brownies and chocolaty pudding- you just can’t get any better! Well, unless you serve it up warm with a big scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream on top… Continue reading


The Ultimate Black Forest Cake Recipe

Moist, decadent chocolate cake is livened up with tart red cherries and whipped cream in this classic cake recipe.

This is hands down my favorite cake! I have never been a huge fan of traditional cake frosting, since it tends to be too heavy and sweet for my taste. The whipped cream on this cake is airy and light, with just the right amount of sweetness, and while you can’t exactly pass off cake as being healthy, this reduced-sugar recipe will at least be gentler on your waistline without sacrificing flavor.

Life is short. Make time for cake.  Tweet: Life is short. Make time for cake. via @VegetarianMade Continue reading

Cranberry Chocolate-Chip Oatmeal

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A twist on traditional oatmeal, this recipe calls for tart fresh cranberries and semi-sweet chocolate chips. If you like chocolate-cherry combinations, you will love this recipe, as the flavors are very similar. Continue reading

Banana Split Mousse

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Did you know that today was national mousse day? In celebration, I wanted to share this original recipe I created in an attempt to use up some extra whipped cream from Thanksgiving. It’s incredibly light and silky smooth with a wonderful flavor reminiscent of a banana split – layered with fresh bananas and topped off with a sprinkling of cinnamon, this mousse will satisfy your sweet tooth without weighing you down!

Banana Split Mousse – serves 1

  • 1 rounded T dark chocolate chips
  • 1 rounded T white chocolate chips
  • 1/2  C whipped cream
  • 1/2 banana, sliced thinly
  • cinnamon, dash

In a microwave safe bowl, combine white and dark chocolate chips and heat in microwave on medium until melted. Stir chocolate until smooth, then fold in whipped cream, one spoon at a time, until very thick and fluffy.

In a sundae bowl or glass, layer mousse and slices of banana. Top with more slices of banana and a light sprinkle of cinnamon.


Ooey-Gooey Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

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These wonderful cookies are amazing fresh from the oven when they are still warm and the chocolate is melty. Better than plain old chocolate chip cookies, they contain a boost of fiber and protein from the oats, not to mention a delicious chew. These cookies pair extremely well with strong coffee or tea! Continue reading

Raspberry Walnut Brownies


Who doesn’t love brownies? In this take on the classic chocolate treat, we added rasperries for a bright, tart pop to cut through the richness of the butter. But these fudgey beauties hold a dark secret- they only have half the sugar of a traditional brownie recipe! Why, you might ask? Too much sugar overpowers the senses and dulls our ability to taste subtle flavors in our foods, so the more you cut back, the more flavors you will experience. Especially when it comes to chocolate! Continue reading