Bear Handz EasyPeeler – Review

In a hurry? This tool will cut down on your prep time dramatically!

Recently I was contacted by the Bear Handz company and asked if I would review their new EasyPeeler.

Big deal, you say, what’s so special about a vegetable peeler?

Well, actually, it is a big deal. This is a lot more than your average vegetable peeler. For starters, it’s made out of 100% High Quality Stainless Steel and is designed to last. In fact, it’s even backed with a lifetime guarantee!

Okay, you say, that is pretty cool.

But it’s still just a vegetable peeler, right?

Well, not exactly. Continue reading


No-Knead Multi-Grain Bread

I have been doing a lot of bread baking lately, experimenting with different flavors and textures. I blame it on the cold weather, when really, there’s nothing better to do than stay inside and cook. One of my happy successes was this multi-grain bread, which won approval from the whole family. Whole wheat flour is combined with all-purpose flour, and is jazzed up with a combination of rolled oats, sunflower seeds, and millet for a chewy, hearty (and healthy!) bread that is perfect for toasting and spreading with jam!

Oh, and did I mention you don’t have to knead it? 🙂 Continue reading

Secrets To Making A Great Vegetarian Gravy

It is a well-known fact that gravy is one of the six essential food groups, along with cheese, chocolate, bread, coffee, and wine. Or at least it should be.

WHEN I became a vegetarian, I didn’t miss meat at all. The things I missed, and craved, were all the good stuff that went along with it, like gravy. I began to search high and low for the perfect gravy recipe, wondering if I would ever be able to recreate such a fantastic food. But I wasn’t having success.

I kept trying every recipe I could find, recipes with cream of mushroom soup, cream cheese, nutritional yeast, and strange ingredients that I wasn’t even sure were vegetarian. I got in deep, and nothing was tasting good. Finally, I made myself stop and think about what I was doing wrong, and a lightbulb turned on. Continue reading

8 Quick Tips To Sharpen Your Knife Skills


photo credit: biketrouble via photopin cc

#1 Always start with a sharp knife

Though it may sound contradictory, a sharp knife actually lessens the chance of injury. Duller blades force a person to push harder as they slice, increasing the chance for the blade to slip and cut into fingers. To keep blades in tip-top shape, wash by hand immediately after use. Do not leave knives in the sink or place them in the dishwasher. Store them either on a magnetized strip or in a wooden block. Knives stored in a drawer get jostled together, dulling the blades. To learn how to sharpen your kitchen knives, check out this video: Continue reading

How to enjoy fresh herbs year-round


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      I have always been annoyed with those huge bunches of fresh herbs at the grocery store. Typically, I only need a little pinch, and the rest of the bunch ends up going bad and I have to throw it away. What a waste! In a perfect world, I could just skip out to my big, beautiful herb garden and snip off a few stems of parsely, or a single sprig of rosemary as needed. Unfortunately, I don’t have an herb garden. Fortunately, I did find a solution! Continue reading

A Healthier Alternative To Canned Beans


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I love beans. As a vegetarian, I often use beans as a meat substitute. I enjoy cooking with them because they’re both healthy and filling. What I don’t love is the can that beans come in- typically lined with a dangerous coating of BisphenolA or BPA- a toxic, hormone-like chemical used, among other things, to line the insides of food cans. While some companies no longer use BPA in their cans, the majority still do. And since trying to find BPA-free cans of frijoles is an all-but-impossible (or else expensive) task, I knew there had to be a better way. The solution? Frozen beans- I’ve yet to find them in the freezer aisle of the grocery store, but cooking and freezing dried beans at home is pretty simple and straight-forward to do. I like to whip up a few batches of different kinds of beans and freeze them in “15oz can” sizes, to accommodate most recipes, pulling them out of the freezer a day or two before I need them to allow them to thaw. Here’s what to do: Continue reading